Sugar, butter, and flour do not a sweet pasta make?

by cat   Last Updated August 22, 2017 02:17 AM

  • Fried dough (or french toast without egg) is flour and salt (deep) fried in butter and sugar.
  • Spaghetti is flour and water (durum wheat in this case).
  • Maple syrup is sugar and a unique flavour.
  • Frying in a pan with sugar and butter is similar to deep frying.

If all of these hold as true as I assume, how is it that spaghetti boiled with a small amount of salt, buttered, and later fried in maple syrup, tastes not of starch that has been fried in sugar?

Rather, it tastes of something much, much worse that's hard to describe.

I believe that the ingredient differences between pasta and "bread" dough are negligible in this case. Bread can be made without eggs, without yeast, and without salt.

The preparation is most different. Pasta is a very compressed product, and bread is the opposite, with more air pockets.

Does the texture of bread allow the sugar and butter to bond better to it somehow, that is not the case with pasta?

Otherwise, what is the cause that pasta fried in butter and sugar does not make deep-fried pasta?

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