how can you measure with 100% certainty that durum wheat is cooked and safe to eat?

by ambw   Last Updated March 19, 2017 18:17 PM

for those that know about durum wheat, it's actually harm if it's not cooked

for example you can't eat it raw

something cooked means that it's cooked to the point where it's safe to eat

how do you know?

links to scientific evidence would be helpful

with meat this seems to be done with a meat thermometer

so it seems that temparture is a way to measure/tell

if so, what temperature does durum wheat need to reach for it to be safe?

you could also additionaly out of interest link how this is done for semolina, but im not sure if you can eat that raw

if so, then you don't need to cook it

thanks for being helpful

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