gram cracker crust too salty for cheesecake

by hildred   Last Updated April 17, 2015 20:07 PM

My first cheesecake was too salty, particularly around the crust, and I want to know what could have caused it. One possibility is that I miss measured the salt, although I do not make that mistake often. I doubt it was the use of sea salt as It is usually less salty. So I got to wondering if it could be that I used salted butter. (I buy salted butter because the ingredients are salt and butter, whereas the unsalted has natural flavors added.) Is this something I should adjust for?

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Yes! Try to avoid salted butter in cooking and baking. If you must use it you will need to adjust, but I am not sure there is a consistent way to do this. Different brands probably have different salt content.

April 17, 2015 17:22 PM

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