Bought a new pre-seasoned cast iron and not sure if seasoning is good

by Simone Imbrescia   Last Updated October 09, 2019 11:17 AM

Noob on cast iron skillets here.

I've been in love with this type of cooking for a while and just bought yesterday on amazon my first skillet.

It's not a Lodge but a Utopian Kitchen (Chinese manufacturer).

I've used it yesterday for the first time and since it's pre-seasoned I didn't do anything before usage, just a quick wash with cold water.

I've noticed that on the first heating a circle in the skillet appeared. And it's still visible today after cooking some meat yesterday.

I'm not sure if the "circle" means that the pre-seasoning is not "well-done". By looking at other questions here, a common practice is to season again the skillet.

Is it what I should do in my case? What are the parameters to evaluate if a seasoning is good or bad?

Iron skillet Utopian Kitchen

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