Displaying new results currently being filtered out

by Franklin-KC   Last Updated June 29, 2020 22:16 PM

I'm currently working on a messaging tool and one request was being able to filter the conversations by (Internal Team / Customers / Flagged)

One thing we're running into is what happens when a new message comes in that is currently being filtered out...and it might be a customer that needs a quick response.

One thought is to display a small banner at the top of the inbox stating that "1 New message being filter out"...but we also don't want to annoy users that are aware that the filter is blocking the incoming results.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks


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I made an explanation here to a conceptually similar problem.

To say, I'd prefer to display users a notification banner (or there might be more proper term calling it exactly) on top of the page.

Making the notification text's background color slightly disabled is key here to make this effect but feel free to try some other options in order to be sure it has same effect.

Stackoverflow example

Erhan Yaşar
Erhan Yaşar
January 31, 2020 21:02 PM

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