What's the best tool to run Landing Page user test Unbounce or Axure

by Pedro Lalli   Last Updated June 11, 2019 15:16 PM

We are planning to run different tests to validate the best solution for a landing page that aims to increase lead generation. I am thinking of creating prototypes (a few prototypes because we want to run A/b Tests as well), publishing this prototype and promoting campaigns to generate traffic in this prototype in order to collect user inputs. Thus, it will be very important that this prototype is high-fidelity with refined interactions.

The problem is, I'm in a clash with my product owner about which tool we should use to generate these prototypes

I'm very inclined to use Axure. As well as being more familiar with the tool, it allows us to have great flexibility, in addition to creating a high fidelity prototype that seems a final website. However, she insists that we should use Unbounce.

I can not find an answer that can help me choose the best way to go forward regarding the tool I should use.

does anyone have any inputs about that may help me to clarify this question?


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