What is the best way to present a document map with ranges?

by baruch   Last Updated August 09, 2018 21:16 PM

I have a very long document that many lines can be logically grouped into ranges. For example, maybe something like this:

cow #1
cow #2
cow #3
dog #1
dog #2
table #1
chair #1

This list can be grouped into ranges (lines 1-1000: animals, lines 1001-2042: furniture, etc.) and sub ranges (lines 1-444: cows, lines 445-678: dogs, etc.)
Since this is a long list, I want to present a quick document map type of scroll bar thing with colored areas (don't need labels) to allow quick navigation by clicking the bar. Any ideas/examples of how to do this?

Bonus What if the ranges aren't nested, so that we can have for example ranges such as 1-200, 100-150, 120-300?

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