It is a good idea to use a cta button on a search bar for an app?

by maggie_05   Last Updated May 27, 2018 19:16 PM

In our company we’re creating an app about apply for jobs. Its main features and functionalities are: search all kind of jobs, list of results, and of course apply among other things.

The home page is composed by a search bar with the following items:

  1. A text field where users could type occupations or jobs.
  2. A second text field where users could type a city.

As an internal requirement, users could perform the search if they type both: occupation and city.


enter image description here

But the project team has been thinking if it’s a good idea to put a “search” cta: enter image description here

Or let users use the enter key from the keyboard.

What would you recomend? Is it a good practice to put a cta in the search bar?

Thanks a lot.

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