When's the right time to use a lock icon on a button?

by Joshua Reach   Last Updated May 15, 2018 19:16 PM

A little background on the question: I've recently come across an instance where a user is submitting a form to check their status on something. I've used lock icons on buttons for shopping purchase screens (check-out), but in this case the user isn't actually purchasing something.

Curious what everyone's thoughts are on the right time to use a lock icon to show something is secure? Especially when that something is form with personal information vs. a transaction like checking out with an online purchase.

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I’d argue (particularly in the current climate) the right time to use a lock icon:

  • when the user is providing or entering personal information or attachments.

  • when the platform/product is taking something from the user (money, photos, uploads etc) in things like checkouts, password resets etc.

  • when a user’s information is being used for something (purchasing, deliveries, newsletters, messages, sms etc).

I’m sure there are more cases but those are I think pretty essential.

Owen Hughes
Owen Hughes
May 15, 2018 18:38 PM

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