What are some of the better looking mobile fonts in 2018?

by Alex Stone   Last Updated May 15, 2018 15:16 PM

I'm an iOS developer, required to do some designs. It's very hard for me to pick the right typography for an app. If I do a search for "iOS fonts", I typically find outrageous handwritten or styled fonts, which are suitable for branding or print ad, but won't fit in a day to day app.

What are some of the better fonts to use in a mobile (iOS) App which is not Helvetica Nueu or SanFranciscoText?

Related question - if I want to be fancier than Black, Grey or LightGrey, what are some of the better shades of gray to use for primary/secondary info?

For example I'm designing this screen with a location contact info:

enter image description here

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