Looking for better UI, while inviting multiple users with specific roles and Permissions

by Swapnali Hadawale   Last Updated January 16, 2018 15:16 PM

I am sending multiple users at a time. So the UI is very simple. But now requirement is changed. Now I have to invite users with various roles and Permission. I have created one design but not satisfied. enter image description here

In Given image, i am having list of textbox to add emails of to be invited users, with roles and permissions and Group, division and Team. Role1 and Role2 having checkboxes. Permissions is having button to open pop-up of permission. Team is depends on Division, division is depends on Group. And at the top having checkbox to apply first role, permissions and Group, division and team to all invited users.

While clicking on Apply first user role to all following screen will display enter image description here

Now looking for better UI and UX for this scenario.

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