How do I tweak this layout for mobile?

by PirateApp   Last Updated January 15, 2018 10:16 AM

I am designing a website which displays crypto currency information similar to coinmarketcap. I have 2 sidebars of 18rem in fixed width and a central data table that needs to be shown to the user containing the price, volume, market cap, supply for each coin. On the desktop, I have figured out how to display information in a relevant manner enter image description here

I have a left sidebar with a calculator and a few other utilities to FILTER stuff out based on certain parameters. I have a right sidebar where I plan to display top gainers and losers of the day. How do I accommodate these sidebars on a mobile phone enter image description here

My current mobile view uses a hamburger icon to show the nav menu items. I definitely dont think it is a good thing to show the sidebar as it is on a mobile where people are primarily concerned about the price.

  1. Should I show the sidebar content inside that menu on the mobile?
  2. Should I have multiple hamburger icons, one to open the left sidebar, one to open the right sidebar and one for the menu?
  3. Should I display the left sidebar in an inline format at the top of the content and the right sidebar below it?

Any suggestions are super appreciated. Thank you for your time

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