Enterprise / Platform User Testing & Experience Mapping

by Johnny UX   Last Updated January 12, 2018 22:16 PM

I am part of a small team of UX designers assigned to a identify and implement positive change to an integrated suite of 12 products.

I am looking for an online tool that would allow me to enter user testing results across a product map with the intent to identify areas that have the highest number of pain points. The user base would be large (100-500) to start, so I am ok with automated tools, although I prefer in-person testing and entering the results after the fact.

The output should be similar to a journey map. However as these products are integrated I'd like to be able to compare results at the platform, products and task level.

I have done my research. However, most companies do not show the product in a detailed way, and if I do go down this route I can't afford to pick a product that doesn't complete the required tasks. Which is another part of this challenge, the budge may be minimal or even $0.

I'm also not convinced this is the correct path to go down, it's just my working theory. I know we are supposed to ask clear questions, so I'll break it down and look forward to the communities response.

  • Is this a valuable exercise? "Yes" or "No" and why.
  • If "yes", what is the most cost effective tool to enter and share results in a journey map format?
  • If "no", is there a better way?

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