Any opinion on Mobile Interface on a desktop view?

by Nicholas Atmadjaja   Last Updated January 10, 2018 16:16 PM

i know that the question title up there is quite a nonsense, but i'm so desperate in finding the right answer.

so i'm currently working in a startup where the only product we have right know is a "Mobile-Responsive" website. now let me clearly explain how our company is defining this "Mobile-Responsive" term.

in their own kind of bible, "Mobile-Responsive" means creating the whole mobil web experience both in mobile-view and desktop view. which means, if you do search for the website, you'll be looking at a mobile standard interface.....on a desktop view.

I'm not sure whether this kind of approach is the correct way for the customers, because well, it looks great and gives a good experience for the users...if you're actually experiencing it, with an actual mobile/phone/smartphone.

the main reason our company had been using this approach is because 70-80% of our users are trying to look around with their smartphone. well, it is quite understandable yet i feel like it's not the correct approach to have a mobile look desktop view.

so, with that background, i'm actually trying to look and search for an answer on a question of: "What do you think of a desktop view with a mobile interface"?

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