In Material design, is changing the card's primary action good design?

by maxxon15   Last Updated January 09, 2018 20:16 PM

I'm using a collection of cards to show a list of reading materials for students and teachers in an app. Typically, tapping these cards lead to a separate screen where students and teachers can check out lessons, assignments and quizzes from their respective cards.

According to Material Design guidelines -

The primary action in a card is typically the card itself.

Now, considering some students make a submission for an assignment, should the primary action of that same card change for teachers? Should it now lead to the submissions screen instead, with the previous primary action present as an icon on the bottom of the card?

Material design doesn't say anything specific about changing the primary action of the card a user has already visited. Changing the primary action of a card seems rather inconsistent with the behavior of the initial state of the cards.

Could this approach possibly be confusing for the users?

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