App Android ScrollView with form

by maluss   Last Updated December 07, 2017 10:16 AM

I'm a developer creating an android application and I got a question about UX. I got a scrollable activity that will show some informations. The user can just validate or refuse the activity.

Something like that

Yes I'm not an artist

For validate or refuse the user have to enter a comment about why he chooses to validate or refuse.

Ok so what is the best option to do this ? For now when the user press the button validate he have a dialog pop up that ask him the reason. But maybe i have to do something else like set the validate and refuse button to grey until the user enter a comment, the field will be in the scrollable view ? Or maybe when the user will presse the button he will stay on the activity that will scroll until the comment field that will appear in red ?

Thank you and sorry for my bad english

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