User interface for distributed and open/public (e.g. blockchain-based) applications

by Michael Lai   Last Updated December 07, 2017 09:16 AM

I am currently involved in a number of projects involving blockchain-based applications, and for those of you that know a little bit about them, the platform or algorithms used are designed in a way so that all transactions are open and publicly available to access, as well as being handled by a distributed network on an agreed process.

I think one of the implication is that there will be a lot more information that will be visible, and this is where I believe big data and business intelligence will really come into its own in terms of user interfaces specifically designed for this purpose.

I believe that the two trends expected to become more important for blockchain-based applications are:

  • interface design to handle with big data, especially in terms of volume and variety of data
  • interface design to handle identity and exchange of information online leading to new interaction patterns

What other potential changes to interface design do you think is relevant to the new digital economy and applications that will follow?

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