Best Practices/Information Architecture for Super-Administrator Dashboard for SaaS product

by Akin Hwan   Last Updated December 04, 2017 18:16 PM

We are a B2B company building a SaaS product that allows clients (usually businesses in themselves) for meeting/conference room booking/display.

I am aware and have seen plenty of dashboards on the client side, but have never seen how Salesforce themselves handle all of their clients in their own dashboard which I'm sure they have or use. For example I may be the boss of a company with G-Suite (Google cloud services), but how does the UI and architecture of Google's super-admin view of all client accounts look like?

This is one step above what most designers and developers are creating, but we are just curious as to what best practices may be. If they differ at all from how one would create a dashboard for client-administrator uses. As a super admin there are some nuances and we would like to make sure we aren't missing anything. In terms of the categories for navigation on the dashboard, the types of widgets we would have for displaying quick analytics, etc.

Thanks for your help and time.

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