Using a List Icon versus using a Menu Icon, which should I use?

by Robert   Last Updated November 16, 2017 22:16 PM

For my Android app in an actionBar I have search icon and settings icon on the right side. I want to place another icon on left side but uncertain whether it has to be a menu icon or a list icon.

enter image description here

In that List or Menu I'd provide an "about" page to click on and below that a "FAQs" page, generally for anyone who wants to learn how to use a particular feature or any general questions. I don't want to include these 2 in settings because we're adding features in our app that's never been done in any app and I figure putting the "about" and "FAQs" there would be easier to navigate to for anyone who's unsure than looking through settings.

List Icon: enter image description here

Menu Icon: enter image description here

So on the left side of the actionBar do I have to use a LIST ICON or a MENU ICON?

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