Analytics/Tracking software behind authentication pages? (or that can be installed locally on a server)

by Avslutarn   Last Updated November 14, 2017 14:16 PM

I've been looking for software that heatmaps, AB tests and tracks users behaviour on sites but can be installed locally on a company's servers. Right now there's plenty software solutions available as services where you install a script in the header/body of the DOM document and boom bob's your uncle.

But this becomes a problem when your handling sensitive data but still want to get insights into user behaviors on an authenticated site. Nobody except the authenticated client will be able to reach that website (ie. not the SaaS software).

I think that there's a lot of companies that are in this situation but I haven't found a whole lot about it online. I've been in contact with some of the providers but none have so far been able to deliver local hosting/usage. They all transfer data to their own servers which simply isn't possible for me.

Do anybody have any suggestions for software that tracks users and their actions but can be installed locally on a server? Do we need to develop our own tracking system?

Thank you for reading and any suggestions you might have!

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