Providing too many options?

by paul   Last Updated June 29, 2017 13:16 PM

I have a user story where the user has to rate (between 1-5 stars) his trip (car ride).

If he rates the service between 1-3 stars then he must choose at least one of the four reasons of dissatisfaction (car quality, car cleanliness, professionality, driver's behavior) that are being shown as soon as he selects up to 3 stars.

If he selects 5 stars then (and only then) the user story says that he must be given the option to favorite the driver.

The issue is that it's not defined what happens when he selects 4 stars (so the screen stays kinda empty).

The four reasons of dissatisfaction belong to a card (Material design style). That card appears between 1-3 stars. When he selects 5 stars that card disappears, meaning that you are satisfied with the service and you don't need the four reasons of dissatisfaction.

My solution to this was to always keep the card with the four reasons. If the user selects up to 3 stars then you have four reasons of dissatisfaction to select from. If you select four of five stars then the card 'transforms' to four reasons of satisfaction (plus when he selects 5 stars he is given the options to favorite the driver.

Is this a good approach? Does the user become biased when he toggles between three and four(or five stars)? My point is that he may reconsider his rating as soon as he sees the four reasons of satisfaction as well.

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