Scroll Up & Down to show Past & Future

by chilledMonkeyBrain   Last Updated April 06, 2017 20:16 PM

Would you ever ask, or expect your users to understand that they can and should scroll up from their entry point?

The idea is showing articles in reverse-chronological order.

They can also scroll up from the entry point to see details about future events in chronological order. Soonest at the bottom.

A lateral date scrubber is also fixed at the top of the viewport.

Scrub right, or scroll up takes the user to the future. Scrub left or down takes you to the past.

It's kind of a bizarre idea and I might be coming off the rails. Of course i'll user-test this, but wanted to ask the community if it's worth exploring. Any better suggestions as to how to solve it. Ideally in one screen?

enter image description here

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