Move material actions separately in NLA for duplicated objects

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From the starting scene, I keyframed the material of the cube to change intensity 0 -> 1 between frames 1 and 40. I Shift+D-ed that cube to create a new one. I'd like to move the material animation for the second cube to start at a different frame, i.e. go 0 -> 1 between frames 21 and 60.

In NLA I see this:

enter image description here

Both tracks are selected and I cannot select just the one for Cube.001.

I see that I can create a new material (or use Make Single User), but then I would lose the ability to change the material properties (e.g. color) for all objects at once or the ability to tweak the action (e.g. duration) and have it applied to all objects at once.

Is there a way to have linked materials between objects, but manipulate their actions independently in NLA editor?

Blender v2.78 if that matters.

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