How Can I Add / Link Nodes in the Texture Editor?

by Darkfall   Last Updated September 11, 2019 23:15 PM

I would like to add some nodes to the Texture Editor, I would like to edit their default values and then link them together..

I have found something on here that was helpful but they deviated to the Shader Editor and I could not seem to make the same thing work for me.

I have added some nodes but I don't know how to link them..

This is my attempt :

import bpy

texture ='Texture Name', 'IMAGE') texture.use_nodes = True

inv_node = 'TextureNodeInvert') inv_node.location = 400,400 = False

disnoise_node = 'TextureNodeTexDistNoise') disnoise_node.location = 800,400 = False disnoise_node.inputs[2].default_value = 10

Ideally I want to add maybe only one node and be able to connect it to the output but I am not sure how to link added node to the output..

I would greatly appreciate someone pointing me towards some information..

Tags : nodes compositor

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