Acrylic Material with Light Transmission

by Herdie27   Last Updated November 08, 2018 21:15 PM

I've tried so many things that I know of and I can't figure this material out. For reference, I have an example of what I want to create. To be clear I'm going for the floor material.

enter image description here

To me, it looks like the floor is illuminated from the bottom, I'm thinking this because the lights hitting floor in the middle are turning the floor white. So I'm assuming the floor is a white acrylic material with just a little light transmission, as you can see it's also very glossy. So I have a white floor material and then I have an emission material at the bottom. Here are my results.

enter image description here

Then I figured out that GGX will let me transmit light but it doesn't work, this is transmission and transmission roughness cranked. One problem that persists is the fresnel is being really weird or I just don't have the right settings to get what I need.

enter image description here

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