Change units , and respect the scale of the scene?

by Dorian Borremans   Last Updated July 12, 2018 00:15 AM

i got this bad idea to set up my blender in meters and when i draw architectural plan , everyone use cm so then i tried to change my units

right now its like that :

enter image description here

my guy is 1.7meters tall , so its 170cm when you convert . if i want to move an object 30cm to the left i must type 0.3 and i really dont like that , no architects does that, its just not how you draw arch.

so here the changed version

enter image description here

now when i want to move something 30cm to the left i need to type 30 , thats exactly what i want , but now my object is 1.7 cm , all my scene is screwed

wait i know , i know, i can scale it afterward... but then what about my 130+ assets and +300 materials that are made in meters? are they all to rework one by one ?? i think its a huge fail blender think that 1.7 in meters is 1.7 is centimeters ...

can someone resolve my problem ? thanks

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