How to achieve this lighting? (Cycles / Blender-Internal)

by Ruben   Last Updated July 10, 2018 01:15 AM

Could anyone guess how to achieve lighting like this in Cycles or Blender Internal? (Not my screenshot, this is from a program titled "MikuMikuDance") Any methods would be appreciated greatly! [specifics below]

Hatsune Miku cap

To be more specific: the light that surrounds the character. Like how it's brighter on the very edges of her pigtails, her hands, her boots, etc. Basically where all the arrows are pointing.

Here's the same model rendered by me with no lamps, no "Ambient Occlusion" and the exposure/gamma at the default levels (0.000 / 1.000) in Cycles (Left) and Internal (Right).

Hatsune Renders

Unfortunately I can't provide a download link for said model, but I hope Suzanne the blender monkey or even a simple sphere could work as demonstrations. (If more information is needed please inform me and I'll edit this post however need be) Thank you!

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