Fire+Smoke simulation won't refresh in Cycles

by John Hamersley   Last Updated May 28, 2018 10:15 AM

Problem 1: Smoke+fire animation won't update with edits, stuck on old version. It was updating correctly earlier. Now, no matter what changes I make or what I select or delete or reload or delete everything the old animation still plays in the 3D viewport. It's not baked.

The simulation is setup with a particle system as the flow source for fire + smoke and a smoke domain.

Could it be the cache or an artefact left in the animation editor? I'm out of ideas because I have little experience with the physics stuff.

Problem 2: I can't know what is happening in the render because the domain cube keeps getting rendered white. I've tried forums but none of the answers have resolved the issue. The domain cube has no material assigned, have tried disabling render and view and both.

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