How to put track stands under a roller coaster track?

by Santy.8128   Last Updated April 21, 2018 04:15 AM

I am a beginner in Blender. I am making a roller coaster and I want to put an array of stands under my roller coaster tracks. To create the roller coaster tracks, I added a NURBs curve, created a single piece of the rail track, and then added Array Modifier and Curve Modifier. How do I use a similar idea to add the stands that hold up the track ?

The issue with the stands is that unlike the track rails, the stands will have varying height (depending on the height of the track at that position). Also, the above steps are causing the stands to point along the normal of the curve, whereas I want all the stands to stay vertical.

Some ideas I thought about was to start with the top piece of the stand that will attach to the base of the rail track, use the above steps (Array Modifier and Curve Modifier) and then somehow extend them so that the bases all touch the ground. However, I am not being able to do this in a easy way. Are there any suggestions ?

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