Freestyle Uniform Displacement

by Spiritual Learning   Last Updated April 17, 2018 02:15 AM

I been looking online for this so idk if this is a duplicate or not, I never seen this asked before.

But for the curvy lines I went with the Sinus Displacement modifier in the geometry tab and its all spikey, I'm trying to smooth it but I have no clue what modifier to use for that.

But the bigger problem of the two is show below with the first picture zoomed out and the second picture Zoomed in.

I'm wanting the curves to be uniform but as you can see when zoomed out its less curvy and when zoomed in its more curvy. Is there any way how to set a uniform amount of curves to the sinus displacement?

Out: Zoomed Out

In: Zoomed In

-please feel free to edit the question if you think it could be improved in someway, I don't really know how to make the question/post look better

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