Copy Location for Object not working for fluid inflow, transforms don't change

by ToxsickcitY   Last Updated April 16, 2018 07:15 AM

I am asking for a little bit of help.

I have a scene where a fluid inflow is dropping liquid. If I manually animate the inflow to move in the scene via keyframes it works ... No problems. The liquid will flow from where I have moved it.

I am using a object with a with a shape key. When the shape key changes it alters the object design

I have assigned a vertex to a vertex group for the object to follow. Sure the object in viewfield shows the inflow moving with object but the fluid when baked does not move.

It might be because the object is not really moving in the scene according to the inflow and how it works...

Anyone here successfully using a shape key which alters your object and using a 2nd object with inflow to follow primary object?

help me please :)

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