How to create a rubber sheet with ball bearings causing indentations

by user2526210   Last Updated April 16, 2018 05:15 AM

I am new to Blender and I have a very specific image I wish to create to illustrate a new theory of physics.


1) I would like a rubber sheet, where the rubber sheet is held rigid (cannot move) at all edges (perfect would be a circular rubber sheet). Lets say it should 25 x 25 units if square, or 25 units diameter if it is a circle.

2) At every unit intersection (eg 0/0, 0/1, 0/2, 1/0, 1/1, etc) attach a 0.25 unit diameter helium filled ping-pong ball below the rubber sheet, which will cause the rubber sheet to gently stretch upward, like a shallow umbrella.

3) At 3 arbitrary locations (two a couple of units apart and one far away from the other two) attach very heavy 0.25 unit diameter ball-bearings on top of the sheet, which cause the rubber sheet to bend down sharply, but only for a narrow distance. My goal is for the upward curve to be totally overridden between the two close balls, but for the upward curve to rise a above the three balls between the distant ball and the pair of balls.

Can you give me a rough description of how to do this and I will figure out the details. No animation is necessary - just a static image after the balls have distorted the rubber sheet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime I will continue learning blender basics.


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