How to Create Text "Jacket"...Original 3D Text with Solidified Jacket+Boolean Difference

by D. Stimits   Last Updated April 15, 2018 00:15 AM

I'm experimenting with creating some different avionics formats and one of the objectives is to test readability. To that end I have some text markings using text with extrusion. I give this a highly visible material.

Next I try to add a contrasting outline which will be visible even when the background on the text changes in unpredictable ways...

I duplicate the original text, change material to black, and solidify with a thickness of about 0.02. This text is slightly larger than the original text without altering space between characters. I reduce the extrusion depth. The text is now smaller from face to back, but slightly thicker on the sides. This text overlaps the original such that the original now has black covering sides of text but not the face or back. It is a kind of "jacket" or "skin" anywhere on the font which is not the front or back when both text are centered together.

I could just use the two objects directly if I parent them as is. What I'm wondering about is if I can apply a boolean difference to reuse the outer "shell" by itself by cutting the smaller text size out of the larger text size and leave only the "jacket".

The trouble is that if the text isn't converted to a mesh I can't see the boolean operator. After converting to mesh I had boolean difference available, but I didn't see it actually cut the one object out of the other where they overlap. Does this tiny overlapping space from a solidified mesh having a non-solidified mesh cutting it out fail because it isn't really solid? If I solidify the inner text itself then it thickens where I don't want it to thicken (the two sizes will then match and boolean difference will remove everything).

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