Animation Nodes . Hierarchy with Parent Child relationships

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Can Blender Animation Nodes (BAN) navigate a hierarchy of objects with Parent Child Relationships and update constraints and modifiers relative to frame value and have the intended visual effects? Are there any documents that explain how BAN interacts with modifiers and constraints?


An existing file has such hierarchies and needs more control. The candidates are

  • BAN
  • Python frame handlers. Drivers. Registered (def)s.
  • Some combination of the above.

The preferred format could be a few sentences concerning a few BAN Nodes. Example sentence solution, Use the (Fantasy Children) Node and (Fantasy Modifiers) node, make sure to avoid this common pitfall (X). The answer need not be a Blender File or a screen capture.

For example a group of empties controllers may each be parent to a hierarchy. Within the hierarchy their are 1 or more constraints and 1 or more modifiers.

I may choose textual Python frame handler (Non BAN) or not based on the answer. I have seen partial success with the BAN Script Nodes which is Python using (children) and (modifiers).

I will not be able to see any answers immediately. All answers, if any, within 48 hours will have the same impact. Blender 2.78 . BAN 1.5.

Thanks in advance.

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