Is there anything about the macOS 64-bit Steam Client installed on Mojave macOS that would interfere with playing 32-bit games?

by jmmygoggle   Last Updated November 08, 2018 23:14 PM

I realize the next version beyond Mojave macOS may enforce a 64-bit application restriction. Is there potentially something about the 64-bit Steam Client for the current Mojave macOS 10.14 that could prevent playing 32-bit games distributed and/or installed through it?

For example: this older bundle of games with OS X versions that appear to run on macOS 10.13, despite their requirements sections each listing a more limited version range.

Most of the digging I've done indicates games like the examples above will be playable but I wanted to be sure I'm not missing something about the Steamworks SDK, its Custom Executable Generation (CEG) or a some other detail.

I've never seen Valve, game developers or technical resources plainly answer this particular question, though this comment that doesn't mention macOS specifically indicates it should be fine. Other reading points me in that direction but I'm looking for something definitive.

(I also understand that Mojave macOS deprecates but still supports OpenGL and that this particular issue should not be a problem.)

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