Why I always loose this battle with France despite huge advantage (eu4)?

by Prokop Hapala   Last Updated November 08, 2018 21:14 PM

I accepted call from my allied Muscovy to entered war against my rival France. Our coalition (Me Czech, Spain, Muscowy and all our colonies) is much stronger than theirs (Novgorod,France, Lotrine). I have much more soldiers (120000 vs 80000) in the battle, we both have level 2 commanders and level 16 military tech, second line almost filled with cannons, yet I always loose. They attack me over the river. ... yet I always loose.

I already tried to load and replay that huge battle in different situations (moving my army to different provinces) ... but result is always the same.

Does is depend if I have one big stack, or several smaller (~20000 each) which enter the battle independently? I have them in provinces around Prague to reduce attrition.

Please explain me what I do wrong.

See the screenshots:

enter image description here enter image description here result of battle state of war before the battle

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