Fastest way to gather raw material in MH

by Peter S   Last Updated August 10, 2018 12:14 PM

When palying Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate you had the option to farm insects, plants, nuts, you name it. Also In the village center you could send a fleet to gather items and quickly gain ressources like fish, irons, treasures and so on.
While in MH Gen Ultimate (3DS) I haven't yet fully caught on to the system. I know I can send up to 4 buddies to gather some (little) material like fish, but they mostly return monster parts, then again I can send one buddy to gather plants from the plant farm (with very little results).

I'm currently on quest level 3 and have not played online so far, will I be able to gather all these things faster soon? Have I missed out on any opporutnity to farm raw material?

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