How do I upgrade from a Tabula Rasa?

by badp   Last Updated July 16, 2018 22:14 PM

My Shadow Trickster has now hit level 75, running a five-supported scorching ray skill in a Tabula Rasa. I am now able to ~comfortably get bonus completion on tier 7 maps, but I'm starting to be a bit short in the health department on magic maps at tier 8 and up.

The problem is that, while I know where the player trading interface is, I don't really have a good reference point for what mods, armour, evasion or resistance I should be getting. The build I'm following has a Path of Building file sporting an 8 exulted orbs Belly of the Beast Full Wyrmscale, which is, uh, a bit out of my reach.

So, how do I pick a suitable upgrade from the player market? Do I need a six link? How much bonus health should I go for? Do I go for broke immediately, or try and big some sort of minimum viable upgrade?

Tags : path-of-exile

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