GORN: How do I remove body parts from the two-handed spear?

by plasticinsect   Last Updated July 12, 2018 00:14 AM

In GORN, I have unlocked the two-handed spear. However, I can't get very far using this weapon, because it quickly gets clogged up with heads, limbs, hearts, etc. after I have killed a few enemies. There is no obvious way to remove these. The weapon becomes unusable, and I quickly die. For one-handed weapons, this situation is easy to deal with by scraping the body parts off with the other hand/weapon. This does not work with the two-handed spear, because both hands are needed to hold it. If I let go with one hand, the weapon goes into "noodle" mode, and I can't really do anything with it.

Am I missing something?

Tags : steam-vr

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