Dualshock 4 suddenly stopped working

by Ritik   Last Updated May 15, 2018 16:14 PM

well here's the thing, I was using a Samsung charger to charge my two PS4 controllers, all was fine till a few days ago when one of them stop working, no lights no charging nothing. I tried to connect it directly to PS4 via USB cable and nothing. I tried two different cables and on the two USB ports of PS4 and nothing. So I disassembled it and tried to unplug the battery and plugin via USB cable to PS4 with the battery unplugged and nothing, dead. Then I tried to unplug the flex cable form the touch pad and also unplugged the battery too, then plug it via USB cable to PS4 and nothing. So what could it be? Dead battery? Dead USB port on controller? Dead PCB of controller?

Tags : ps4 controllers

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