What are the guides to complete high level rifts as 2 player team

by Kentaro   Last Updated April 30, 2018 14:14 PM

We are a 2 player team (support monk and firebird wizard) and are struggling to get past GRIFT 105.

According to leaderboards we have superior (on paper) DPS to those running GRIFTS 115+, so it must be something in the way we approach the rift.

Our approach is to gather as many whites as we can find, then destroy them, moving forward until we find elites.

We avoid Juggernauts.

We seem to be doing fine in large groups, but the meteors seem to get increasingly worse the fewer mobs there are on the screen.

What am I missing? Do we have to exclusively hunt elites, ignoring everything else? What if a giant blob of whites is blocking the way for the wizard? The monk needs to stay pull them away from the bottleneck.

It seems like we don't have enough DPS, again, teams higher up the ladder have gear that's similiar or worse than ours, it must be how we tackle the grift...any tips which hidden witchcraft we're missing is appreciated!

Skillset for the wizard: 3.1million DPS on paper 20k intelligence 1200 Paragons, 50% crit, 475% crit dmg, 70% area damage, 29% meteor dmg

  • Meteor - Meteorshower
  • Magic Weapon - Ignite
  • Storm Armor - reactive Armor
  • Teleport - Wormhole
  • Arcane Torrent - Flame Ward
  • Frostnova - Bone Chill

Passives: Audacity, Glass Cannon, Dominance, Unwavering Will

Support monk is capable of surviving 108+.

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