How do I prevent GeForce from making changes to Skyrim

by Josh   Last Updated February 14, 2018 21:14 PM

I have recently bought a game that requires GeForce Experience. When I installed GeForce, I realized that it made small changes to some of my games. Most of the games it made changes too I enjoyed. However it made some changes to Skyrim that I didn't care for.

When I got on the game I noticed that the display was zoomed in, I also noticed that the brightness was different ( but it really isn't a problem), and the last thing was the blur of the screen when my player turned or moved too fast.

I realize that those things are probably improvements for the game, but after playing Skyrim for so long the way it was on my pc, the changes that GeForce made is just annoying.

I don't really want to uninstall GeForce cause the game I got was for both my brother and myself to have something to do together, and without GeForce it won't start. Any ideas or solutions would be great. Thanks

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You just need to click "Revert" to undo all Nvidia optimizations.

1 - Click at the Details button of the game you want(mouse over the game will show that gray button):

nvidia experience home

Mouse over(Detalhes = Brazilian Portuguese of "Details"):

mouse over skyrim

2 - Click on Revert/Undo, at the down right corner of the game image(mine is "Reverter", again, cause it's Brazilian Portuguese translation of this action):

skyrim game

I have done this to some games, and even after an upgrade, Nvidia GeForce Experience kept the games i didn't want the optimizations untouched.

Some versions of this GeForce Experience game screen have a kind of on/off switch instead of a button to disable it, and you will propably notice if it's turned on or off.

February 14, 2018 20:46 PM

GeForce Experience is set to auto-optimize your games, which is why your games' settings change.

How to turn off auto-optimization


  • Click on the cogwheel icon on the upper right.
  • Select "Games" on the left.
  • Uncheck "Automatically optimize newly added games on the right.

How to manually optimize a game


  • Click on "Home" on the upper left.
  • Move your mouse over the game you want to optimize (in your case Skyrim).
  • Click "Details".


  • Finally, click "Optimize". You can also click on the icon to the right of "Optimize" to select a custom resolution or tweak how much the game will be optimized.

How to keep auto-optimization enabled, but revert a single game

  • Select your game (Skyrim) as explained above.


  • Click on "Revert".
February 14, 2018 21:02 PM

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