Path of Exile performance

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How can I further increase FPS on Path of Exile game? I have a pc with dual core e6300 intel cpu with 4 gb ddr 2 ram, 1gb ddr3 ATI radeon 4670 and enough bandwidth and memory.I play on lowest settings with deactivated post processing and antialiasing and everything ( everything is on low). When I play, whenever i hit first pack of mobs and start using skill everything starts to lag, the sound disappears, framerate goes crazy and everything gets unplayable.Any advice ( except to get new pc :) )

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A possibility is trying to clean up your pc (e.g. deleting old/temporary files, disk defragmentation...) but I think that doesn't affect the games performance that much. Also check if you have installed the best driver for your hardware.

Nevertheless, if you already lowered all settings and still have lags you really should consider to upgrade your system :). If the hardware below the software is too weak to handle it, there's no chance of getting the game to work properly.

January 12, 2018 22:40 PM

If you don't mind having really poor graphics, you can try using the "dynamic resolution" setting, assuming you haven't already. It will try to hit the specified FPS (say, 30), by automatically reducing the resolution.

There are instances where you might have the impression of playing a 8-bit game, but it could be your best chance until you manage to upgrade your system.

January 22, 2018 14:02 PM

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