Diablo 2 - hoarding gems/runes?

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I'm playing Diablo 2 LOD, or Diablo II Lord of Destruction if you're pedantic, single-player, for some nostalgia. I have my character saved from many years ago, a level 40 Amazon. I'm not currently using any mods or "cheat-like" methods. My inventory is overstuffed with gems and runes; moreso gems, esp. many perfects. But I never seem to find a good use for them. So far, the items/weapons/armor that I have are all holding up well enough, most being unique (yellow), and in the rare case I get a new drop that looks like a good upgrade, it's obviously usually unique too, and never socketed.

So that's a long-winded way of asking, is there any point to hoarding gems at all? And what about runes? The latter, I assume, is a bit more tempting, due to rune-words. I can't see any revolutionary benefit coming from my growing stock of perfect gems.

Am I playing this all wrong, or what? Thanks!

Side-note, I am open to using limited mods, such as an inventory expander / database / helper or something. Item dupe-ing is pushing it; raw item editors seem like a total cheat. I've been playing (farming) on Act 4 (Pandemonium Fortress - Chaos Sanctuary) for a long long time now, and it's getting dull.

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I use GoMule:

This is a muling application for the computer game "Diablo 2" which allows items to be stored and transferred between Single Player characters outside of the game. The goals of GoMule are to:

  • Easily transfer items between Diablo 2 character files (d2s files) Give infinite storage capabilities of both items and gold through the use of stashes (d2x files)
  • Allow users to easily locate and sort items in their stashes
  • Speed up common muling processes, through multiple pickup and drops
  • Allow Unix systems to easily mule their items

Although GoMule does edit the Diablo 2 game files, it cannot be considered a character or item 'editor'. There are very strict restrictions on what you can edit, GoMule will never support stat, skill or item property editing.

It is software that allows you to create separate file on your disk to store your stuff. It works with save files, but never touches game files. It also automatically creates your save backups every time you attempt to change something, so you won't lose your char if something goes wrong.

If you are concerned about duping - every item has unique id, and GoMule has 'remove duplicates' option to clean them from your characters/stash.

January 05, 2018 03:35 AM

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