Lag while playing Resident Evil 7

by Mr.J   Last Updated December 07, 2017 09:14 AM

While playing Resident Evil 7 in my PC, I am noticing lags during game, sometimes the game runs smoothly, other times, the game lags, why is it happening? I tried setting the color mode to the lowest but the lag is still there.

My PC specs are:

Intel i5 4444 quad core processor
Seasonic 620W Si211 bronze
Gigabyte H81M-DS2

I have stock CPU cooler, my computer has 5 fans ( 2 in front for intake, 2 in top for exhaust, 1 in back for exhaust)

I also have a 13inch LED Monitor. Viewsonic brand connected to my GPU via VGA to HDMI adapter.

I think I don't have any problems on my system because the lag only happens when playing RESIDENT EVIL 7, I also play Skyrim and Dark Souls 3 without any problems.

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