In path of exile, I sometimes die well after a fight is over

by Brian Webster   Last Updated October 17, 2017 07:14 AM

I'm level 94 in harbinger league.

Sometimes after a fight is over:

  • My health is full and not reducing
  • My energy shield is full and not reducing
  • There are no large circles on the ground (such as after killing a bloodline pack)
  • There is no lingering fire blob (those that chase you and blow up shortly after catching you)

But then some kind of explosion happens and I die.

I have 5k energy shield and 1.7k health.

This has happened perhaps 5-10 times, and it always seems to happen 1 to 10 seconds after a fight is over.

It just happened to me after the beachhead boss fight completed as I was picking up loot.

I suspect it could be some kind of mine or trap or something, but I cannot see anything on the ground that is killing me.

What is likely to be killing me?

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Answers 1

But then some kind of explosion happens and I die.

It could be a Detonate Dead effect, some monsters explode after being killed (particularly those raised by a Stygian Revenant). Particularly in high-level areas these explosions can deal significant damage (I am pretty sure I got one-shotted as well a couple of times). An example can be seen in this brief video.

Looking at the official forum, it seems that you/we are not alone.

An effective mitigation is to stay away from corpses for a few seconds after killing them.

October 18, 2017 08:57 AM

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