freesync using nvidia

by s3th   Last Updated October 15, 2017 05:14 AM

Is it possible to run a game on Nvidia card and route the video through display port on AMD card and enjoy freesync?

I recently bought a cheap free sync monitor, and then I thought why not switch to AMD card and sell my high end Nvidia card. But high end AMD cards are all mining cards, and are too expensive in my country (after tax). So, my question is: is it possible to start a game on Nvidia card, and then switch the display output on windows to the port on AMD card, so that the game can run using AMD's free sync?

Has anyone tried this? I need to know this before buying the cheapest AMD card that supports freesync.

I tried following: I enabled integrated gpu in BIOS, and connected my monitor through port on Nvidia GPU as well as port on integrated GPU. Windows showed "multiple monitors", then using (Win+P) I switched to monitor connected on Nvidia GPU, started a game (mafia 3), and the game latched on to Nvidia GPU. Then I switched the monitor into Integrated GPU using windows (Win+P). The game kept running, (did not crash), infact the system became a lot more smoother. I was able to do alt-tab instantly. The game was running on Nvidia GPU and the output came from my motherboard's integrated GPU. Can someone try this on AMD card instead of integrated?

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