How long will an item stay unclaimed in Treasure Hunter?

by Kyle Rone   Last Updated August 04, 2017 16:14 PM

Yesterday, I used one of my Treasure Hunter keys and was awarded a Lucky Armadyl Chestplate. However, since there is a TH promotion going on that rewards "oddments" as well, all items will be converted to oddments instead of coins if you choose that option. I have no need for the chestplate and would like to convert it to coins, but since the promotion is going on, I can't convert it to coins until the promotion is over, (I believe its over on August 7th).

My question is: How long can I leave the chestplate unclaimed before it will disappear? Will it stay in there indefinitely until I decide to do something with it? Or will it go away when Treasure Hunter resets at reset time?

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