Hard focus on me and no team support, how to deal with it?

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When playing Mercy on ranked games, I get focused really hard by the enemy tanks (specially by Winston and D.va) and my team seems to not care about it most of the times as I play solo and communication at low elo (~2000) doesn't always work as it should.

My main concern is to be healing our tanks most of the time and that leads to be playing near the enemies and sometimes being really exposed.

So, is there anything I can do myself to avoid getting killed by enemy tanks that jump onto me?

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Either dash to a further teamate and if it doesn't keep you safe long enough or you need something else... swap character

Overwatch is a game where you should stay light on your feet in all the ways possible, and swapping characters is one of these ways. If your support is being countered by large tanks dashing onto you, 2 other support characters would help you out.

Lucio is able to push back these large tanks and run away with a wall ride.

Zenyatta can discord orb these tanks and do some damage himself. And, with the help of his team, kill the threat.

December 13, 2016 18:56 PM

While switching to a different character is certainly a valid tactic, there are a few things you can at least try as Mercy before giving up.

Your dash is your main safety valve. Try and be aware of where your teammates are, and who you can dash to to get out of trouble.

It's especially useful to dash to someone at a higher elevation. Mercy's ability to slowly float to the ground lets her stay in the air for quite some time. This could make you a more obvious target if your enemies are paying attention to the skies, but if they're already focusing on you that's not a big deal. It can be very helpful to have a Pharah around, so you can fly up in the air with her.

Also, consider staying back behind most of your allies. If your tank runs off to attack the other team by themselves, that's their mistake. Don't encourage them by following. If every time they back up to the group they get healed, it will give them incentive to group up more.

December 13, 2016 20:32 PM

Atleast your being focused by enemies when you play mercy in Overwatch. Whenever i play multiplayer pvp games(yes every single game) i am always being focused by the others. For example; i am playing PUBG with my friends and we are running to somewhere in straight line but i am the one always got shot and we are doing nothing different.

Another example; we were in combat my friend was going to die they were shooting each other and i go there to save him , the enemy stopped shooting to him while my friend was in his sight then turned to me and shoot me in a head then i am died.

In Battlefield 4 , i was flying in jet and 2 enemy jet , 1 AA Vehicle was shooting at me but our other jet was more close to them then i.

So i stopped playing pvp games. I am playing Warframe.

September 13, 2017 11:34 AM

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