Power Charges - How long? How many?

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  • How many seconds do the Power Charges last?
  • How many Power Charges can you get?

What I already know:

  • Power Charges reset their Duration upon gaining a new Power Charge.
  • You can increase the number of PCs via Nodes in the Passive Skill Tree.

Here is additional information about the Power Charge: http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Power_charge

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Answers 1

You can initially have up to three charges of each kind (power, frenzy, and endurance), which will last for 10 seconds - but as you've noticed, you can refresh this duration indefinitely.

This can be increased by an additional 3 charges and roughly 3.5-4 seconds (I'm not sure how those bonuses stack, but the difference is small enough) via passive skills.

Helping Alira in the Merciless Act 2 bandit quest provides another +1 max power charges.

Two-handed weapons can be corrupted to provide +1 max power charges.

The unique wand Void Battery also provides + 1 maximum power charges, allowing for 2 more max charges if duel wielded.

This leaves us with up to 9 max charges with dual Void Batteries, or 8 with a corrupted 2-handed weapon.

Pvt. Grichmann
Pvt. Grichmann
August 25, 2014 15:59 PM

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